Düsseldorf Edition 2019

January 18 – 27
in your home!
Presented by FFT / Nippon Performance Nights
Homesick Festival presents a series of performances that take place in private homes. The Düsseldorf 2019 edition was commissioned by FFT Düsseldorf in the frame of Nippon Performance Nights and featured artists Montserrat Gardó Castillo, Nadja Duesterberg, Marje Hirvonen, Michikazu Matsune, Morgan Nardi, Rie Watanabe and Oleg Zhukov. Thanks to all the hosts who welcomed us into their homes, and their friends, family and neighbours who made this a great experience altogether!

Presented performances: Ring Ring Ring (Castillo), Expect The Tiger (Duesterberg), Golden Times (Hirvonen), Hung On (Nardi), One 4 All (Watanabe), Over the frozen lake (Zhukov) and Pinapple Wish / Shifting Matters / Some People (Matsune)