Zagreb Edition

June 07 – 09, 14 – 16, 28 – 30, 2019
in your own home!
Presented by Domino’s Ganz New Perforations Festival
Homesick Festival presents a series of performances that will take place in private homes. Led by Vienna-based Japanese artist Michikazu Matsune, the Zagreb Edition is organized by Ganz New Perforations and features artists Bruno Isakovic, Vedrana Klepica and Nina Kurtela. Upon booking, a pair of artists visit your home to perform in person – exploring the environment of private homes as a stage for unique encounters and shared experiences!

Artists develop performances inspired by their own history, childhood, everyday life, wishes and dreams. Interventions vary from dancing in the living room, to protesting in the kitchen, and to philosophising in the bedroom among others. Homesick Festival offers opportunities to (re)connect with our own experience of home, our current location, life situation and our state of being. Book us, and invite your friends, family and neighbours to make it as a shared experience!



Send in the Request-Form.
  • Homesick Festival takes place on June 07 – 09, 14 – 16, 28 – 30 in Zagreb.
  • Check timeslots here.
  • Mention your preferred artist and we will suggest the accompanying second artist.
  • Performances are free of charge / Pay as you wish.
Invite your friends, family and neighbours to participate in the experience. Looking forward to see you in your home!

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Phone: +38 595 355 92 19
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